Milne and Textual Conjectures by Calvin

The topic of the preservation of Scripture is a hot topic among the Reformed. Books are written, podcasts made, and articles posted (including this one!).  Garnet Howard Milne wrote a book on what the purity of the text of Scripture meant according to the Reformed called, ‘Has the Bible been kept pure? The Westminster Confession... Continue Reading →

The Church is the Second Eve

Christians have long recognized that Christ is prophesied not merely by explicit prophesies but also by type. By type I mean that certain people and events foreshadow Christ and his work. For example, Paul writes: Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam's transgression,... Continue Reading →

The Nature of Sin and Pagans

I'd like to thank the Particular Baptist team for the review of the article and edits. Introduction A doctrine that is a core tenant of “Calvinists” is the “T” in TULIP: Total Depravity. This so-called acronym is nowhere found in the high Reformed or even among Calvin’s known writings but is a summary of certain... Continue Reading →

Does God Repent?

…catholic accounts of God's perfections have stressed that God's repentance signals that God is working a change in the course of history. The early Reformed theologian Amandus Polanus, for example, writes that divine repentance is not a divine "perturbation" or "change of counsel" but rather a "change of works." In fact, because God's counsel already... Continue Reading →

Jesus Rebukes Biblicism

If you've been a Christian on the internet you've most certainly run into a Biblicist before (and perhaps you yourself are a Biblicist). It is often very frustrating to argue with them because they frequently don't allow theological categories (derived from scripture) to be brought in and want everything to be proven by single isolated... Continue Reading →

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