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I don’t think I ever thought our ministry would be where it is now. Our audience has grown so much and it is by God’s grace this has gone where it has. And now we are Patreon! Would you consider partnering with us? Being a patron means receiving EXCLUSIVE benefits! Supporting us through one of our tiers helps The Particular Baptist to continue to provide high quality content to our followers (such as our website which you are subscribed to), pay our bills, and help us purchase assets for the ministry. Being involved in our ministry in this way gives us resources to publish theological content from a confessional baptist perspective for our local church and for other churches around the globe. The Particular Baptist is NOT a parachurch ministry. We see ourselves under our local church and under the headship of our elders while not, on paper, being an official outreach of our church. What do you get as a patron? We offer different tiers that give access to exclusive benefits such as 10% off at the UK based confessional baptist publisher Broken Wharfe, Q&A sessions, and bonus podcast episodes. Each tier has different benefits that get you, as a passionate fan of The Particular Baptist, exclusive access to – all the while knowing that you are supporting a ministry that is Reformed, biblical, and confessional. Take the journey with us and support The Particular Baptist today!

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